Great Summer Hostess Gifts For Our Hot Hot Hot Fabric Gift Bags


Looking for that perfect “Thank You” gift that will stand out from all those bottles of wine on your  hostess’s counter this summer? (Though if you choose to give wine, we have the perfect fabric wine gift bag for you, too!).  We searched the internet to come up with a list of great summer hostess gift ideas for all occasions—from a backyard BBQ to a weekend at a vacation home.


We found several articles that listed a number of great gift ideas.  We picked out some of our favorites to feature below.  Be sure to check out the links to the articles for even more ideas.

10 Unique Ideas for Summer Hostess Gifts   posted on

All wrapped up in mocha” bracelets by Vixen Jewelry Designs.  For the fashion-forward hostess who never looks frazzled at her parties.  $35


Mu Lu Wu Nu Soy Candles.  Hand-made soy candles for the eco-aware hostess, available in 3 scents.  $12



Pesonalized wine charms from Katoj.  Throw in a wine bottle for an out-of-the-ordinary hostess gift. $60



32 Great Summer Hostess Ideas from an online article posted by RealSimple Magazine


Mason Jar Sippers from  AcmePartyBox.  For the tidy hostess, the perforated lids and the stripy straws keep the party slosh-free.  $45 for a box of 12 glasses and straws



Smore to Love S’more Maker.  Make up to six gooey marshmallow delights on the grill at once.  Available at Home Depot.  $18



Peace, Love and Barbecue  For the guy who is manning the grill-indulge him with tales from other grill masters. Available at $15.50



Nostalgia Ice Shaver  For a (cold) blast from the past.  This tabletop machine shaves and crushes cubes so you can have a carnival-style slushie in your own backyard.  Available from JC Penney. $20



Wooden Ice Cream Spoons.  For the sweet hostess; these wooden spoons are painted with striptes and polka dots in hot neon hues.  Available from  8 for $20.



And last, but not least (as you’ll see by some of the prices) ideas from 40 Great Summer Gifts published by Ellec Décor online.

Golden corn picks by Michael Aram.  For the hostess that serves corn-on-the-cob on her fine-china.   $79 for a set of eight



Hand-blown hurricane lamp from Treillage.  For lighting up those romantic evenings on the veranda. $180




PETIT SOAPS by Fresh.  Perfect for the guest bath; these vegetable-based soaps are enriched with moisturizing shea butter and are infused with an array of intricate fragrance experiences. $12


Now image how stunning that unique and perfect gift will be wrapped in a hot, hot, hot fabric Gratitude Gift Bag.  Your hostess will be thanking YOU for your  Thank You gift! Post a comment and tell us your favorite summertime hostess gift idea.

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Pantone LLC, the global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industries, selected Tangerine Tango, a vivacious, enticing hue, as the color of the year for 2012.





Take a look at our logo and you be the judge.  Are we fashion trendsetters or what?

According to the article by Pantone, Tangerine Tango “encourages us to face everyday troubles with verve and vigor. Tangerine Tango, a spirited reddish orange, continues to provide the energy boost we need to recharge and move forward.”

“Sophisticated but at the same time dramatic and seductive, Tangerine Tango is an orange with a lot of depth to it,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. “Reminiscent of the radiant shadings of a sunset, Tangerine Tango marries the vivaciousness and adrenaline rush of red with the friendliness and warmth of yellow, to form a high-visibility, magnetic hue that emanates heat and energy.”

Tangerine Tango for Interiors and More

Pantone’s website offers ideas on how to use Tangerine Tango:  Energize interior spaces with Tangerine Tango patterned home accessories. Pillows, bedspreads and tabletop accessories in this high-impact hue add spice to any room. Or incorporate Tangerine Tango appliances and personal electronics for an unexpected pop of color. Looking for an inexpensive way to perk up your home? Paint a wall in Tangerine Tango for a dynamic burst of energy in the kitchen, entryway or hallway.

Gratitude Gift Bags offers its own version of how to put a little spice in your life.

Going to a cocktail party?  BBQ? Pool party?  Wrap that hostess gift in a fabric gift bag by Use one of our tangerine-hued fabric gift bags to wrap a “hot” present for a special occasion this summer.


Click here to order one of our tangerine-hue bags (or any other color for that matter).


Leave a comment and tell us what HOT gift you will be wrapping this summer.

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Hot Fun On The 4th Of July. Grab A Bag And Go!!

HAPPY 4th of JULY.  We got a group of fans and friends of Gratitude Gift Bags together for a brainstorming session for blog post ideas but the conversation turned, as it so often does, down an entirely different path.  We started talking about our favorite 4th of July memories and it occurred to us that we had the topic for our next blog post!  How would we have used a Gratitude Gift Bag in each of these fond memories?  Some of our favorites:

Riding my bike in my hometown (Sharon, MA) parade with cards between tithe wheel spokes. (What better way to get those cards and bicycle decorations to and from the parade than in a fabric bag?)

Celebrating the 4th at a BBQ party at our best friend’s home.  (How about bringing a hostess gift wrapped in a fabric gift bag?)


My sister hates fireworks so she would have put the bag over her head!!  .


 Walking over the old covered bridge in Newton Falls, OH to see the fireworks. (It would have been great to have a fabric bag to carry those sparklers and bug spray).  And then, having to leave the fireworks because a tornado blew                                   through (How about using a fabric bag to store a flashlight and supplies in case                     of an emergency?)

Watching our kids walk in the Scripps Ranch, CA 4th of July parade—seems like it took forever for their 30 second of glory!!  (Sitting in the 90 degree heat drinking the water we brought along in our fabric bag.)

Running through the sprinkler and wiping out on the slip ‘n slide with the neighborhood kids. “Mom, where’s my towel?”    (Could it be in the fabric tote bag she packed for you?)

Eating those red, white, and blue “Bomb Pops” before the fireworks in Greenwood, IN. (OK, we admit it would be a stretch to carry popsicles around in a fabric bag on a hot summer day!)

If you think about it, you can use a fabric bag almost anywhere . . . anytime.  We’d love to have you share some of your summertime memories. Please leave a comment.

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Whew!! It was quite a ride.  Gratitude Gift Bags was featured and asked to participate in the Daytime Emmy Awards Talent Lounge.  We design and manufacture reusable fabric gift bags that are a eco-friendly alternative to one-use paper wrap.  We worked with Nikki McNary from Emerge Marketing in San Diego, CA around the clock the last few weeks till the big event during the evening of Saturday June 23, 2012.  Emerge Marketing was responsible for designing and implementing a social media campaign to help promote our company before and during the Daytime Emmy Awards show.


We launched our Twitter site last week—check it out.  We tweeted our hearts out trying to get our name in front of as many people as we could during the 24 hours preceding the Daytime Emmy Awards show.




During our campaign Gratitude Gift Bags received . . .

Number of celebrity retweets – and they both won for their categories

 Number of people participating in the contest

Number of retweets

Percent of Facebook Fans who were reached by GGB’s Daytime Emmy posts

 Number of followers of those retweeting GGB tweets

We would like to again thank Val Wilson from Off the Wall Promotions for inviting Gratitude Gift Bags to be featured in the Daytime Emmy Awards Talent Lounge for celebrities, presenters, and performers..

We are busy getting ready to select our Twitter contest winners who will be announced in our next blog post.   We had so much fun with this year’s Daytime Emmys.  Did you?

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Daytime Emmys Prove Gratitude Gift Bags Aren’t Just For Wrapping Gifts

Most Gratitude Gift Bags begin their journey as a stylish fabric wrap for a present or gift.  But what happens after the first use when given or received as a gift?  The bags are used to wrap gifts again and again—starting a tradition among families and friends.  But we’ve heard from our fans and customers that they have found many creative and practical uses for our stylish fabric gift bags.


  • Jewelry
  • Shoes
  • Cosmetics
  • Misc. closet/drawer items
  • Keepsakes/momentos
  • Photos
  • Hair dryers


  • Beach items
  • Groceries
  • Shopping excursions
  • Children’s games/toys
  • Travel accessories

Val Wilson of Off the Wall Promotions realized the potential when she selected our fabric bags to collect the gifts that nominees, presenters, and performers will receive at the Emmy Talent Lounge for the 39th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards on June 23, 2012.

Mystique pattern used for the Daytime Emmy Awards Talent Lounge

We can just imagine what the celebrities will do with our bags once they get them home!  We hope they embrace these reusable and stylish gift bags and start a GGB fashion trend.


How will your favorite daytime celebrity use his/her GGB gift bag?

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